Nigel Chia

Born and raised in a small fisherman’s village...

By Bella

Zakwan Anuar

Zakwan Anuar is one of the upcoming fashion...

By Joan Wee

Evelyn Chia

Evelyn Chia is a young and talented Malaysian...

By Bella

Eric Leong

Bold and Stylish, Eric Leong’s tagline...

By Joan Wee

Yung Shen

A design graduate who grew up making rap music...

By Kenny Lim

Afiq Iskandar

Afiq Iskandar is the founder of Tarik Jeans...

By Iman Alia Anuar

Jonathan Cheng

Jonathan Cheng graduated from the LaSalle...

By Eleena Zakie

Datuk Lewre Lew

The Lewré brand of shoes is so synonymous with...

By Eleena Zakie

Diana Amir

Nurdiyana Amir Hashim is a well-known Malaysian...

By Eleena Zakie

Maggie Loo

Maggie Loo’s name is synonymous with modelling....

By Rosalyn Tan