Common social media mistakes to avoid

These days, social media marketing is essential for small businesses in order to reach a huge chunk of potential customers.  Although easy to use, it’s equally as easy to take a wrong step in the world of social media, which makes it a double-edged sword that can strengthen your business or do it harm. Learning good practices now, can save you headaches in the future, so let’s learn about some common mistakes before they happen.

Social media for small businesses

Whether you’re a social media junkie, newbie, or somewhere between the two, there is no denying its growing power, especially in our own backyard. Research findings by TNS Global in 2014 about digital behaviour revealed that Malaysians are “one of the most socially engaged markets in the world”, adding that “over three fifths (62%) of Internet users in Malaysia access social media networks daily, compared to 42% globally”.  Those are very eye-opening figures. 

Registering your business

So you’ve finally decided to take that leap of faith and set up your own company. Now it’s time to have it legally recognised so that your company will have a legitimate presence in the business-scape. This means first having to register your business.

7 tips for Solopreneurs

If you haven’t heard of the term yet, it’s easy to guess that ‘solopreneurs’ refers to entrepreneurs who run their business alone. The benefits range from having the freedom to work from home to not having to manage employees, plus lower start-up costs.  But running a business single-handedly has its own set of challenges that requires more than focus, discipline and a strong character to get through them.  Here are some tips to survive solopreneurship and succeed at it.

6 debt management tips

Considering offering your customers credit? Would like some assistance with managing existing debtors? Then this would be the opportune time to re-look at and examine your credit check processes, your terms of trade and some creative ways to expedite your debtor repayment cycles in order to boost your cash flow.

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